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Custom Personal Statement

Your personal statement is one of the most critical components of your residency application.

According to a survey conducted by National Residency Match Program in 2021, 85% of program directors stated that they took the personal statement into consideration when choosing whom to interview. 

Not only is it your opportunity to demonstrate your unique experiences, personality, and future goals but also to make a lasting impression on program directors. Having an outstanding personal statement is essential to maximize your chances of securing a lifelong career.

Get one-on-one access to an expert medical residency writing professional today.

What outcomes will an excellent personal statement deliver?

  • Authentic representation and clarity on your unique personal experiences that leaves a lasting impression
  • Increased probability of matching
  • An excellent funnel for questions during your interview
  • Highlights your strengths and allows you to stand out amongst the competitive applicant pool

Is it effective?

We’ve developed effective systems that have worked for a variety of medical residency applicants to highlight their success and address deficiencies in their applications, such as: 

  • Older year of graduation 
  • Low USMLE scores 
  • Failed attempts 
  • Lack of U.S. clinical experience  
  • Gap years
  • Changing specialties

Why should you start today instead of waiting until later?

The greatest reason is time – time to revise, time to draft.
Starting now will put you ahead of thousands of other applicants.

In sum,

  • Drafting a compelling statement undoubtedly impacts the number of interviews you receive and increases your chances of matching. 
  • These services will save you time. 
  • You will receive both short-term and long-term value from your investment. 
  • Given our decade-long experience and 91% match success rate, we are the experts to choose.

Investing in a strong personal statement is an investment in your future. Let us help you make the most of this opportunity to impress admissions committees and secure your spot in the program of your dreams.

What are we offering?

Custom Personal Statement

With our ‘Custom’ package, we’ll work with you to create a professional, error-free personal statement that stands out from the rest.

  • Two one-hour one-on-one consultations with our experienced team (one before and one after the writing process) to ensure your personal statement accurately reflects your personality and goals.
  • Creative writing that captures your voice and engages the reader.
  • A coherent flow that ties together your clinical and non-clinical experiences, making them relevant to your application.
  • A strategic approach to addressing any red flags in your application, highlighting your strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
  • A professional, error-free final draft that conveys your passion and commitment to your field.
  • A final revision by a medical doctor for medical accuracy. 

Price: $1000

Once payment is made, our team will contact you.

Custom Personal Statement

Once payment is made, our team will contact you.
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